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Free Online Active and Passive Income Opportunities

Below are our picks on software/apps and faucets that you can use to earn money. With faucet websites, you can use your earnings to purchase website visits to your Rotate4All and LeadsLeap Coop links.

Active: you have to complete tasks to get paid.

  • FaucetPay: Earn cryptocurrencies by clicking PTC ads, joining faucet websites, and completing offer wall tasks. You can also spend your earnings to purchase PTC ads (currently, 1000 views for ten seconds @$0.50) for Rotate4All and LeadsLeap, Rotate5URL, and LeafPTC links.


Passive: you do little to nothing to earn.

  • Do you own a website or blog? You can monetize the traffic with these network ad sites. You place their text or banner ad codes on your website. Payments are awarded according to cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression/view (CPI most commonly referred to as CPM).

    • AdCryptoCoin: Minimum withdrawal of $10.00 to PayPal or Bitcoin.​

  • Pawns Appallows users to share their bandwidth with others in exchange for cash, bitcoin, or gift cards. Once you download and install it on your PC, smartphone, or any other suitable device, just let it run, and you’re ready. The minimum payout is $5.00. Sign up and install the app now to earn a bonus of $1.00.

  • Honeygain: earn money by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. Download the app and create an account The minimum withdrawal of $20 via PayPal or no minimum for JumpTask (JMPT) tokens.

  • Slice: get paid for monetizing your web browser (Google Chrome) by viewing embedded non-intrusive ads. Withdrawals can be made to PayPal, BTC Lightning network, or Bitrefill gift cards.

  • Salada worldwide compute sharing community composed of thousand of gamers. Our users, the mighty Salad Chefs, share resources from their idle PCs, power advanced computing projects, and score real-life-rewards. Rewards may be redeemed to new Steam Games, Discord Nitro, gift cards, and more from the Salad Storefront.  You can even send Salad Balance to PayPal and pay with your PC anywhere. Use this referral code Q7TJRR to double your earning rate until you earn $4.00.

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