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Learn how to earn income from Paid To Promote (PTP) websites

​PTP websites offer members its affiliate link to promote on their behalf. Members are usually paid per 1000 unique visits (CPM) to that link. Payments can vary according to region, country, or even domain level. Most PTP websites tend to pay according to country using a tiered structure from level 1 to 5 (where level 1 is the highest and level 5 the lowest). The PTP website usually has information regarding their tier structure and where you can promote their links.

After joining a PTP site you may wonder where to promote the link. Traffic exchange (TE) websites are the cheapest means of promoting your PTP link. Be sure to check with the PTP or TE's rules to ensure that your PTP link is supported.

ClikWurx recommends the following PTP websites:

  • AdHits4U: Earn up to $0.15 weekly in the surfer's contest and up to $0.05 weekly from the promoter's contest—minimum withdrawal of $1.00 to FaucetPay or CashApp.

  • Rotate4All: The best-paying and longest-serving since 2013. Earn up to $0.30 CPM (you can earn from one visitor visiting your link 12 times) and $0.275 from surfing daily.  Can't get PTP traffic? Surf 1000 sites daily (for 5 seconds each) and earn $8.25 monthly. The minimum withdrawal of $5.00 can be sent to your AirTM, FaucetPay, Payeer, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Revolut, and  Skrill accounts or $10.00 to your Bitcoin wallet.

  • LeadsLeapEarn credits from the traffic exchange or promote the co-op link. Credits from surfing and promoting the Coop link can be converted daily into cash and cash is also earned from promoting your co-op link (the earning typically ranges from $0.10 to $8 CPM (depending on the uniqueness, location,  surfing duration of the traffic, and their earning). Pays at least $10.00 to PayPal, Wise, or $200 to your Bitcoin Wallet (pro members only).

Are you looking for Traffic exchange websites that will allow your PTP links? Click here.

More to come. Add your comments to the forum.

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